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Temple length is measured along the length of the temple from one end to the other and also includes the bend. 135, 140, and 145 mm.

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Be careful not to break the temple when you bend it.

How to measure glasses temple length. Bridge width + temple length. Depending on the style of frames you choose, you can go up or down by one and still find a decent fit. Glasses sizes are actually just the measurements of the frame in millimeters.

Glasses example with measurement areas. Lay the ruler at the end of the temple and measure the entire length. Add the two sectional measurements together, and that’s the total temple arm length.

The temples of your eyeglasses are the long stems of the frames that connect the front of the eyewear to the back of your head (just behind your ears). How to measure glasses size first things first: Lens width (eye size) bridge width lens height (b measure) the temple length is the length of the temple from from the hinge (where it.

135, 140, 145 and 150 mm. Be careful not to break the temple when you bend it. From the screw position measures to the end of the temple, including the bend.

When measuring start at the hinges and continues in a straight line to the farthest point without sloping downward. Measure with a ruler by straightening the temple at the bend so the length of the temple is completely straight. Though your bridge width and temple length measurements are not used to find your frame size, they help ensure your glasses fit your face to perfection.

Eyeglass temples must be the correct length for your glasses to fit comfortably and securely on your face. Picking the right lens height and width to determine which lens size is right for you, know that a small lens width is 50mm or less, medium is between 51mm and 54mm and large is any lens wider than 55mm. In other words, it's the arm length of the frame.

Then go back to where you left off, right at the beginning of the bend. To measure temple length, place your ruler at the hinge and measure straight back to the end of the temple. Eye size (lens width) is the horizontal with the frame’s lens in millimeters.

The measurements are taken from a horizontal line intersecting with the top of the lens. The arms or temples of your glasses are the two pieces that attach to your frames and rest on your ears. Measure with a ruler by straightening the temple at the bend so the length of the temple is completely straight.

Then measure from the top of the bend to the bottom tip. We offer narrow, medium, and wide frames in varying bridge widths and temple lengths. It is one of the three components of glasses size which is required to fit you properly when ordering glasses.

Width (frame width) is the horizontal with of the frame and is measured from the outmost side of the frame. Measure down the length of the temple arm, and tilt the ruler when you come to the bend in the arm. So this means that in this particular example, the lens width is 54mm, the bridge width is 16mm and the arm or temple length is 140mm.

A glasses or sunglasses frame model is usually available in just one size, meaning one combination of eye, bridge, and temple lengths. Use your total width to determine temple length. Continue measuring until you reach the tip of the arm.

You can heat the temple by soaking the frame in warm water for 10 to 15 seconds to make it more pliable. The correct temple length is important because it ensures that the frame rests comfortably on and behind your ear. Lay the ruler at the end of the temple and measure the entire length.

You may have a pair of glasses with cable temple arms, the kind that curve around your ear. Place your ruler at the hinge and measure straight across to the furthest end of the temple. You can heat the temple by soaking the frame in warm water for 10 to 15 seconds to make it more pliable.

Occasionally a glasses frame may have more than one size: Temple length is measured in millimeters (mm) and most frames have temples that range in length from 120 to 150 mm. You may neglect the height and width of the lenses but it is recommended to find a frame with accurate total width as required.

If you already wear glasses, there are likely some measurements already indicated on the left temple, or perhaps on the inside of the bridge. The temple size is measured from the tip to the hinge, including the bend. Learn how to measure your eyeglasses with quick and easy steps.

Spring hinges allow for increased flexibility and durability in the life of your glasses. Your temple length can fall between 120 mm and 150 mm. Then take the glasses off and use a ruler to measure the temple.

When in doubt, get the ruler out Measure the last part, which is angled, to the tip. While the length is probably between 120 and 150 mm, there are some common industry standards:

Temple length can fall between 120mm and 150mm with 135mm, 140mm, 145mm and 150mm being the most common. Imagine a box placed around the lens:. Usually, the eye size ranges from 40 mm to 60 mm.

Place your ruler so the “0” aligns with 1 of the hinges. The other measurements (nose bridge & temple size) should also be close to your requirements. Add the two sections together for the total temple arm length.

It’s the distance between the bend of the arm, all the way to where it meets the frame. If you want to measure the temple by yourself, you should try on the glasses to fnd one that fits you properly. Temple length is the length of your glasses’ arm pieces.

To find temple length, measure one from screw to tip. Measure from the hinge—where the arm connects in the front— to the spot where the arm begins to bend down around the ear. Most important measurement is the total width.

To get the size, we measure the distance between and within the boxes. Temple length is the part of the glasses frame which rests on your ears. More contemporary frames may be in metric, in which case they'll be 135, 140 or 145, something like that.

We also provide a frame size guide for more information.

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